Panpsychic Philosophy



          I must now explain how I think individual primal particles came into being at the moment of their "creation".

          I suppose that Alpha-Holon had willed that His smallest parts should have individual existence. As discussed (page 31), such individuation necessarily involves an extra dimension. For a spark of primal Aether, it involves adding a space dimension to its dimension of time, to its everlasting endurance.  Now a primal Aether travels along the time dimension, like all Aether.  It does not travel so slowly that nothing changes, nor so rapidly that everything changes at once: it must therefore travel at some intermediate speed, which we are calling 'c', known in the space dimensions as the speed of light.

          At the moment of the "creation", or, more accurately, at the moment of the individualisation of primal Aether, it was travelling at velocity 'c' along the time dimension. Its individualisation obliged it to acquire an extra dimension. To do this, it had first to break up into a multitude of individual sparks of Aether, what I shall call  Aether-1s. These then had to emerge from a point singularity to form one-dimensional 'strings' which collectively gave rise to one-dimension rings in space speeding away from  their singularity point of origin at 'c', the speed of light.


          The next act of creation was achieved by another level of Aether, Aether-Two, which individualised and invaded the newly formed strings in space, taking control of the original Aether-Ones and converting their Time-One dimensions into a second space dimension. These two dimension individuals were photons, energy wavicles.  This marked the start of the so-called Big Bang of Creation.

          But one of Science's most profound discoveries is that Energy can neither be created not destroyed. So how could the advent of these Oberver-Twos give rise to all the energy in the Universe in seeming violation of the Law of Energy Conservation?  The answer given by most cosmologists is that positive energy was matched by negative anti-energy, but what they cannot explain is what happened to the anti-energy, why energy and anti-energy did not simply destroy each other, just as matter and anti-matter destroy one another. Indeed, only the other day I heard a distinguished cosmologist insist that this was the biggest problem faced by science.  But, there is another explanation.  It is that this energy of the newly created photons was balanced by an equal amount of negative energy, of potential energy.   Now potential energy results from position within a force-field, so the necessary quantum of negative energy must have become a quantum of gravitational force. Since the two quanta, positive and negative were equal and opposite, the net energy employed in the Big Bang was zero: photon creation was counterbalanced by gravitational force.

          The conventional view of the Big Bang of creation poses the problem as to where the unimaginably vast quantity of energy involved could have come from.    The answer is that the energy did not have to come from anywhere!  This is because the energy actualised to form photons was "borrowed", a loan which gives rise to the counter-balancing force-field of gravity. Alpha-Holon the Creator did not have to conjure a vast sort of nuclear bomb!


          I am suggesting that the second phase of creation occurred when the first phase had created expanding one-dimensional rings. The second phase converted those rings into a giant two-dimensional balloon, which would continue to expand as the photons attempted to accelerate its expansion, while the gravitational force to which they had given rise attempted to slow it down.  Just as the pressure of the air in a balloon tries to expand it and the elasticity of its rubber tries to contract it.

          Of course, as we have seen, energy has to travel at 'c', the speed of light, so the result of its interaction with gravity would have forced it to follow a curved path. So our hypothesis predicts that the universe would have expanded at some speed determined by the interaction of energy travelling at the speed of light and the gravitational field.  Modern observation suggests that this prediction could be correct. The universe is expanding, but at a speed which is slower than that of light, while light appears to follow a curved path.


          As the two-dimensional balloon of photons expanded, the fireball cooled and the photon density  diminished. When it had become cool enough, the way was clear for third-level Aether, Aether-threes to enter space and take control of the photon Aether-twos, converting their time-two dimension into a third space dimension. Aether-threes each harnessed a multitude of photons to build three-dimensional particles, at the same time converting the universe into an expanding ball or doughnut.


          For years, the scientific literature has been full of what is one of the biggest mysteries faced by Cosmology.  The mystery is that the amount of observable matter in the Universe appears to be only sufficient to account for one tenth of the observed gravitational force. The most popular theory to explain this is that 90% of all matter is "dark", that is to say unobservable i.e. of a condition with which normal material observing instruments cannot react!

          I suggest that this could be evidence for my hypothesis.

Why? Because I am proposing that it was photons, energy, which gave rise to gravitation. When expansion had cooled the energy, the third phase of creation began, photons were harnessed by the new Aether-threes into particles, particles amalgamated and matter was born. This conversion of energy into matter did not involve the creation of more energy and therefore did not affect the amount of potential energy locked up in gravitation.

          If now scientists tell me that there is too little matter in the universe to account for the observed gravitational force, then I reply that this can only be because all the photon energy present at the Big Bang was not converted into matter. And if they tell me that matter only seems to account for 10 per cent of the gravitational force, then I reply that only 10 per cent of the Big Bang photons can have formed matter. The remaining 90 per cent must still be at large: an ocean of energy. And if, as I suggest, energy is two-dimensional, then this ocean must be two-dimensional.

          And the joke is that scientists know it's there - only they call it 'virtual energy'. Indeed, most quantum effects depend on its existence.


          We shall shortly be taking a closer look at these esoteric objects, but I am introducing them here because they are relevant to the orthodox scientific explanation of the creation of the cosmos.

          If a star collapses in on itself under the pressure of its own weight, its density will become greater and greater and its gravita­tionl field will become stronger and stronger.  I believe that gravity exerts an attractive force on energy, including light, so eventually the gravitational field of a collapsing star will become so great that light will be unable to escape from it and it will appear to go black, just like a lamp which has been switched off. So far, so good. But now orthodox science asserts that since the material of the star can no longer resist the gravitational force, the collapsing process will continue until the star will eventually be squeezed into nothing, to become a 'hole' in space, a 'Black Hole'.

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