Panpsychic Philosophy


I should like to open our discussion on religion by repeating the claim I made in our first chapter (“Faith and Reason”).

          "What we shall be searching for in these sessions is a bridge to span the chasm between Faith and Reason.

          "And the exciting thing is that there is such a bridge, that there is a rational explanation for the mystery of existence, of our existence, that our existence does have meaning.

          "I hope to show that the material and the non-material co-exist and interact, that belief in the non-material is not just a matter of faith, but that it is rational and consistent.

          "The path we shall be following up the hill of meaning will be the path of Reason.  To reach the top, we shall rely on no guru, no prophet, no holy book; but when we have arrived, you will be able to see how close our philosophy comes to the truths proclaimed by the great world religions."

          In these final chapters we shall be examining the basis for that assertion.

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