Panpsychic Philosophy


                   "He loved the birds
                      And the green places
                        And the wind on the heath
                          And saw the brightness
                            Of the skirts of God"

                                                    Epitaph on Hardy

   " O Thou, whose smile pervades the Universe with beauty
       In which all things work and move.
         Sweet benediction
           Which the eclipsing curse of birth can quench not.
     O sustaining Love,
       Across the web of being blindly wove
         By earth and man and beast and sky and tree,
           Shining or dim,
             As each are mirrors of the fire for which all thirst,
            Now beam on us,
         Consuming the last clouds
        Of cold mortality.

    Abide with us, eternal Father,
      For the darkness is no darkness with Thee,
        But the night is as clear as the day.
          Renew our hearts with Thy forgiveness
            And our bodies with untroubled sleep;
              That we may wake
                To use more faithfully
                  Thy gift of life."

                                       Evening Prayer  (from memory)

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